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The wagon plant of Studénka was founded in 1900 as the joint-stock company of Staudinger Waggonfabrik, A.G. based in Butovice. The factory, an integral part of which from the very beginning was the forge, significantly affected the life of the citizens of the originally agricultural region. It gave jobs and support to a lot of people, who dedicated most of their time and energy to it.

The Company has changed its name and owner for several times over past century:

  • 1900 Staudinger Waggonfabrik, AG
  • 1928 Moravskoslezská vozovka
  • 1946 Tatra, n.p. závod Studénka
  • 1950 Vagónka Tatra Studénka, n.p.
  • 1969 Vagónka Studénka, n.p.
  • 1990 Moravskoslezská vagónka, s.p.
  • 1994 Moravskoslezská vagónka, a.s.
  • 1998 ČKD Vagonka Studénka, a.s.
  • 8.6.2000 Thrall Vagonka Studénka,a.s.
  • 28.8.2006 MSV Metal Studénka, a.s.

The factory history reflects difficult social and economic development in our country. However, it also evidences its significant contribution to development of the industry in Bohemia and Moravia and its loyal service to the customers. MSV Metal Studénka, a.s. is a dignified continuator of tradition of the forging production in this significant Czech factory.